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Dr Srinjoy Saha in Headlines

It’s always exciting when Dr. Srinjoy Saha and his top-notch work on plastic surgery makes headlines and brilliant news. Recently, we have been very busy adding exciting new procedures and services to our portfolio, which is generating a lot of interest and getting a lot of press. These days we’re pretty well known in Kolkata and India and are starting to get more and more international news and press coverage. Read some of the recent news stories featuring Dr. Srinjoy Saha, a top plastic surgeon from Kolkata, India.

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Pioneering Plastic Surgeon Srinjoy Saha Setting Lofty Standards in Reconstructive Surgery in India.

One of India’s top plastic surgeons, Dr. Srinjoy Saha, is setting lofty standards while performing difficult plastic surgery in Kolkata. As a pioneering surgeon-scientist, he is currently spearheading the applications of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering in reconstructive and plastic surgery in India. READ MORE.

Dr. Srinjoy Saha, India’s Leading Plastic Surgeon, was Awarded a Fellowship by the Royal College of Surgeons.

Dr. Srinjoy Saha is a renowned plastic surgeon in India with a keen interest in biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering. He has served on many international committees on the subject of surgical practices around the world. With his experience as a successful plastic surgeon, he's authored many publications and chapters about General Surgery & Plastic Surgery - including Cosmetic Treatments. READ MORE.

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Top plastic surgeon transforms terrible facial injuries into something wonderful.

A new clinical study shows the immense benefit of adopting facelift techniques during facial injury repairs. The novel plastic surgery technique, performed over 11 years, dramatically improved patient satisfaction while enhancing their looks. READ MORE.

Leading plastic surgeon performs stellar innovation to save lives and regrow tissues.

Following a scary car crash that claimed the life of a teenager, one of India’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Srinjoy Saha, performed a stellar procedure that helped save the mother’s life. READ MORE.

Minimalistic reconstruction in Kolkata India for better plastic surgery.

A New Surgical Procedure is The Most Effective in Treating Facial Injuries Resulting From Accidents.

A plastic surgery technique developed by Dr. Srinjoy Saha ensures better results than ever before. It comes as a blessing to patients with traumatic forehead injuries. READ MORE.

Crushed hand brought back to life: A miracle in medicine.

Medical science makes up for factory owners ‘mistake’.

Hirak’s right hand was a bloodied lump of flesh. "There was a problem with blood circulation to the fingers at first. The healing process started after the second surgery,” said Srinjoy Saha, the plastic surgeon who carried out the twin surgeries, performing a miracle. READ MORE.

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Beyond aesthetic aspects, plastic surgery holds physical health benefits!

“Plastic surgery allows creativity to thrive,” says Dr. Srinjoy Saha, one of the top three and leading plastic surgeons in Kolkata, recognized by a multi-national ranking website, by using their meticulous 50 point inspection. READ MORE.

A Rare Spinal Tumor Case Study Urges Early Management.

Top Indian plastic surgeon, Dr. Srinjoy Saha, is bringing attention to a new case study of a rare spinal tumor that could have gone untreated without early detection. The woman was 44 years old. READ MORE.

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Top plastic surgeon cautions against deadly misdiagnosis of anal cancer.

A recent case report illustrates how anal cancer can disguise itself in some patients as a sacral sore, a rare manifestation. India’s top plastic surgeon Dr. Srinjoy Saha, in a recently published medical report, highlights how anal cancer can delay life-saving treatment in such cases. READ MORE.

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