Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Treatments

Dr Srinjoy Saha specialises in reconstructive plastic surgery to improve function and appearance of any part of the body, and restore its normal function. It greatly improves function of the treated part, boosts ability and restores normalcy and self-esteem in life. " To be the best, you must function at your best in life"

Dr Srinjoy Saha is famous for achieving great results in reconstructive plastic surgery in Kolkata, India for the last decade and more. From road traffic accidents to trauma injuries to burns to birth defects to diabetic foot ulcers to bed sores to skin cancers and beyond, you may be assured of the best treatment for them all.

Diseases and Problems Treated

Hair Loss / Baldness

Excess Fat Deposits

Drooping Breasts

Nose Shape Problems

Breast Glands in Males

Sagging Abdomen

Face and Neck Drooping

Wrinkles and Furrows

Huge Breasts  in Females

Eyelid Problems

White Patches Over Skin

Scars & Marks over Face

Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries


Expertise in Injectables & Lasers

Burn Treatment

Post Burn Scar Contracture

Non Healing Wounds

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Scar Removal & Resurfacing

Skin Cancer

Hand & Finger Surgery

Cleft Lip & Palate

Breast Reconstruction

Face Reconstruction

Facelift & Necklift

Hair Transplant


Fat Grafting

Vitiligo Surgery

Laser Removal of Moles

Fractional Laser

Scar Treatment

PRP and Mesotherapy