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Plastic surgeon performing cosmetic surgery in an operating room with high concentration for achieving the best results.

Discover Your Best Self with Cosmetic Surgery!

As a leading cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata, Dr Srinjoy Saha strives to provide exceptional results through his commitment to excellence in the field. With extensive knowledge and experience, he is known for delivering personalised, natural-looking outcomes that meet each patient's unique needs. He considers various factors when crafting customised cosmetic treatments, such as a patient's desires, physical attributes, age, profession, lifestyle, and fashion. This comprehensive approach has earned Dr Srinjoy Saha several distinguished awards across the world. It reflects his commitment to offer the highest standards of care to his patients in Kolkata, India.

Young patients looking happy after getting good cosmetic surgery results.

Facial Cosmetic Traetments

Treating The Outside, Healing Deep Inside.

Our face is an essential tool that helps us show emotions and connect with others. Facial Cosmetic treatments, such as nose surgery, facelifts, and non-surgical filler injections, can improve the shape and look of your face. More and more people worldwide choose facial cosmetic surgery to boost their appearance and youthful look, primarily when performed by a highly skilled plastic surgeon. Facial cosmetic treatments can safely and effectively enhance your facial features.

Young lady looking thoughtful about her upcoming cosmetic surgery.
A beautiful woman in a white dress basking in the sun atop a rock.

Body & Breast Surgery

Treating The Outside, Healing Deep Inside.

Unlock your best look and feel with a wide selection of body-enhancing plastic surgeries! From liposuction to tummy tucks, breast enlargements, lifts, and reshaping, Dr. Srinjoy Saha, top plastic surgeon in India, offers the highest quality care to help you achieve your desired results. Trust his expertise and compassion for a successful, life-changing experience. Discover more about the various body and breast surgery options available now.

A beautiful Indian woman in a brown dress and pensive mood with right arm crossed over her chest.
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