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Unique Patient Stories That Will Make You Believe in Miracles

We all have our favorite stories about the time a patient defied the odds and overcame every obstacle... the stories here tell us how plastic surgery is making this world a better place.

#1. A budding cricketer thought that he lost his thumb after an injury, and his entire sporting career was finished off as well. A year later, he shocked everyone by becoming the best player with a newly regenerated thumb with the best surgeries.

#2. A mother with a terrible face and brain injuries survived a horrific car crash that claimed her daughter's life. Facing certain paralysis or death, she chose new methods of tissue engineering and is now back into a normal life with her family.

#3. He believed his life was lost after a regrettable home accident disfigured his face, leaving horrible scars. But after completing scar normalization therapy and cosmetic microsurgery, he was stunned to find his face looking normal again.

#4. She grew up getting bullied and became terrified of the world around her. A short plastic surgery changed her body shape, and her entire life changed as well. Finally, she became a cynosure of all eyes and now feels that life is beautiful!

Image by Kevin Delvecchio

Our Patients' Stories Do Inspire!

When it comes to patient stories, you either have one or you don’t. That’s the thing about all patient stories. You can’t make them up like other stories. They are real life experiences that happened to someone in this world, and for good reason.

These stories are unique, just as we all are in one way or the other. On this page, we will share with you many unique patient stories that will make you believe in miracles. There is something especially powerful about patient stories that drive people to share them with others. Perhaps it’s because what patients think and experience is so individualized.


Every patient has their own inspirational story, and we all want to hear yours. If you’re a patient of plastic surgery, talk about how you started and share your medical journey with Dr. Srinjoy Saha. Explain your core values, your commitment to treatment, and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery, or video for even more engagement.

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