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10 Top Facts You Need To Know Before Your Plastic Surgery Consult.

1. Are you seeking plastic surgery or lasers or cosmetic or regenerative treatments?

Please schedule your consultation ONLY when you clearly want a plastic surgery procedure or some type of cosmetic or regenerative treatments. If you want an improvement with medicines alone, please consult a general medicine doctor or a skin specialist for your problems.

We respect the wishes and time of all patients arriving at our clinic. We believe that every one need to know that a masterful plastic surgeon will advise only about good plastic surgery.

2. What will be discussed during the consult? 

ONE specific problem that is bothering you the most. Each part of your body is uniquely important, and there are different ways of solving your problem. It's important to focus on that one most important change in your body that will make your life more fruitful. 

3. Briefly, what would be talked about during your plastic surgery consultation? 

Define your problem accurately.

What do you need to change in your body?

Why do you need to change it?

What are your ultimate Goals for Treatment ?

Which plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures can help you achieve your treatment goals?

What's involved in each type of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure?

What are the Risks and Complications involved?

4. You want your face/body changed, but you're hesitant. How to know what you want? 

Please perform the MIRROR TEST

Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room and look at yourself for 10-15 mins. Write down your notes about what you do not like about your face/body, and what would appear better to you.

Also, find your Ideal Look in the Internet, and bring those pictures with you.

5. What could be your expectations before considering a plastic surgery?

Realistic expectations are necessary before considering any plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments. Final results of any treatment depend upon 3 important things: 1. the finesse of surgery, 2. aftercare by the patient, and 3. your body's own response to treatment.

Your body response is not under anybody's control, neither yours, nor your relatives, nor your surgeon's. You are responsible for performing your aftercare properly. A good plastic surgeon has fine surgical skills to perform precise, meticulous treatments and put in the best efforts. That's the only way he can provide a better result.

6. You have discussed your problem with other surgeons and know about it already. Can you just demand an exact procedure?

You can, but it would help you more when you understand that there may be better treatments you may not know about. Dr Srinjoy Saha has a wide breadth and depth of knowledge in plastic surgery. He may help you in a much better way by performing world-class treatments. He may inform you about newer advanced regenerative treatments that may be safer and better for you.

7. Are you interested only in lower costs and trying to get a treatment at cheaper rates?

While you are free to do so, please remember that doctor shopping can be a total disaster. Different studies have shown that its harmful. A good plastic surgery is not like any manufactured product that can be hunted down for deals across different shops. Different surgeons have varying levels of skills and expertise, and results can differ drastically. Its in your best interests to get your plastic surgery done right the first time, as its more difficult to correct a bad result.

8. Your previous plastic surgery needs some correction. Can you expect it a lower cost since you've already spent money earlier?

It takes more effort and skill to painstakingly undo the problems created after your previous surgery. Revision surgery is often harder and more difficult due to tissue swelling and fibrosis. Thus, revision cosmetic and plastic surgeries become more costly than previous ones. You also need to note that revision plastic surgery would improve and better current conditions. Reaching a perfect ideal may be elusive due to underlying problems created by your previous surgery.

9. When should you not consider getting any plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment?

a. If you're found not healthy enough to undergo the plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure.

b. If you're uneasy about your selected procedure and have lingering doubts about it.

c. If you think that plastic surgery is a magic wand. It is not. There are no guaranteed results.

d. If you think that it will drastically change your life or alter your relationship status. It'll not.

10. To conclude, what's the bottomline?

On the positive side, plastic surgery has the power to change your life completely and reveal your best self to the world. There is a HUGE connection between a good appearance and a positive self-esteem. On the flip side, like any other surgery, it remains a high-risk, high-reward serious matter and complications may (or may not) happen.

Please Schedule a Consult to Know How Plastic Surgery May Benefit You.

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Pooja Sahay

Getting a plastic surgery by Dr Srinjoy Saha was one of the best life experiences I had.  He was gentle, kind, and made me feel comfortable. After a successful cosmetic treatment, my confidence is now sky-high. I feel so happy nowadays.

Usha Goyal

I went to Dr Saha for non-surgical nose shape change. He was friendly and welcoming, patiently listening to all my concerns. He explained details about the procedure thoroughly and answered all my questions. The results are superb.

Parthajit Dutta

Everything about my gynecomastia correction surgery  went well, going above my own expectations. Dr Saha was patient, polite, responsive, and thorough in his approach and the surgery. I'm so excited to see a flat chest with no scars.

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