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What is the Most Satisfying Plastic Surgery? The Best Surgeries That Make People the Happiest.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

What is the best plastic surgery?

For many, it's a personal decision. We explore what type of plastic surgery is most satisfying and results in the happiest patients. Some of them make good news articles, while some stories inspire other patients to lead better lives. If you're considering having a plastic surgery, it's important to know more about what would ultimately make you happy.

Cosmetic surgery can be a difficult decision to make, but for some patients, it is the best decision they have ever made. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve someone’s physical appearance when it causes distress or causes them to feel self-conscious. Plastic surgery has an immense power of increasing your confidence in your body and mind.

You’ve most likely heard of, read about, or seen some plastic surgery success stories, including shorter versions done on a weekend. From film and television celebrities to everyday people like yourself, the decision to go under the knife is often based on one thing: how happy they are with their appearance.

But what about those who got plastic surgery already? How do they feel about their appearance afterward?

Being in surgical practice for the last two decades, I get asked about certain procedures more than others. One of the most popular questions is "What procedure makes your patients the happiest and most satisfied afterward?"

To answer this question, we've surveyed hundreds of people who’ve had cosmetic surgery. Commonly, the cosmetic plastic surgeries that people asked for are: a) Rhinoplasty, b) Liposuction, c) Breast Augmentation, d) Abdominoplasty, and e) Face Contouring.

Our survey found that more than 90% of our cosmetic surgery patients were very satisfied with their results, and 84% said they would recommend it to others. The vast majority of patients said they experienced improved self-esteem, increased confidence, and better social interactions following surgery. But which one makes the patient happiest and most satisfied?

Delving deeper into the psyche of our patients, we looked at their deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfilment after their plastic surgery. The most satisfied patients have given it more serious considerations for reasons beyond vanity.

Typically, this surgery should be considered a reconstructive surgery, as it alleviates the deeper long-standing suffering of the patients. In our world though, it often gets wrongly clumped under cosmetic surgery.

We found that this type of plastic surgery, in particular, has satisfied our patients the most due to its ability to lessen their constant suffering, reduce pain and complications, and high success rate.

What is that procedure?

No, it may not what you’ve thought already.

It’s very likely to be different – it’s a breast reduction!

A breast reduction not only improves the cosmetic appearance of the breasts but also eliminates the physical stress that a woman with large breasts has to endure every day, which interferes with their daily living.

For women with large breasts, the decision to get a breast reduction becomes very easy. However, people around them in their families have trouble understanding this decision to undergo breast reduction. Thus, it would help if everyone understands the precise problems that will be corrected by breast reduction.

Usually, the problems of having large breasts include:

  • Breasts that are cosmetically too large for the body.

  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain are caused by the excessive weight of the breasts.

  • Defective posture and spine problems.

  • Asymmetrical breast size.

  • Sagging and droopy breasts.

  • Fungal infection and rashes over the skin underneath the breasts.

  • Discomfort during movement due to the weight of heavy breasts.

  • Discomfort when sleeping.

For effective breast reduction, a good plastic surgeon needs to develop a one-of-a-kind philosophy for treatment. He would not consider the financial aspect at all while determining the perfect surgery. Instead, he would focus on deciding what would be the best course of action.

The most important aspect of such a decision-making process is a rigorous initial consultation. After the consult, the surgical plan should become perfectly aligned with the patient's goals. Only then would the patient get total confidence in achieving her goals for treatment.

When a plastic surgeon accepts a patient for surgery, it would be only after he is sure he can offer one of the best breast reduction surgeries that the world has to offer.

This rigorous process would ensure the lowest rates of complications of any plastic surgery procedure, even while breast reduction would make a notable difference in the patient’s quality of life.

Is there any other plastic surgery that is deeply satisfying?

Yes, there is! Our patients considered another plastic surgery to be almost equally satisfying. It also involves a surgery of the breast: Breast reconstruction.

Complex breast reconstruction and revision require a different level of new skillsets. In addition, a surgeon also needs a certain degree of sensitivity, since all these patients are cancer survivors who probably went through an unpleasant experience before.

There is a multitude of situations that a plastic surgeon may encounter while treating these patients. On one side of the spectrum, a breast revision may be needed by a patient if a previous operation has not delivered the desired results. On the opposite side of the spectrum, a patient may need complete or partial breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or lumpectomy has been performed to treat their breast cancer.

Either way, all patients would ultimately benefit from the uncompromising skills and compassion of a good plastic surgeon. Breast reconstruction would help them to move forward with inner confidence and start their life anew.

In many cases, too much decision-making is not required for breast reconstruction or breast revision. These decisions can be made just like a breeze. The patient’s desire to regain the rightful shape of their breasts needs to be respected. Their right to live with a beautiful body form is irrefutable.

Despite all this, the patient and her plastic surgeon would still need to consider various aspects of the surgery. Since the patient would naturally want to avoid a second revision or a second reconstruction, the plastic surgeon and his plastic surgery should be a correct fit.

When a good plastic surgeon keeps these aspects firmly in mind, he becomes extremely careful while making his surgical decision. Again, a rigorous consultation process is extremely helpful over here.

The surgeon’s plastic surgical plan must be consistent with the patient’s treatment goals. Finally, if the plastic surgeon accepts a patient for the surgery, it must be because, with his vast experience, he can sincerely give the desired results.

A Reminder: The Importance Of A Rigorous Consultation.

A rigorous consultation can be an extremely critical cornerstone of any patient’s surgical journey. It ensures the best breast reconstruction or revision that the world can offer. A good plastic surgeon needs to familiarize himself with the personal treatment goals of all his patients.

A good plastic surgeon would check the aesthetic profile of his patient and note down all necessary anatomical details to determine the best course of action. This would enable him to draw up a comprehensive treatment plan.

At this stage of the consultation, the reality of what can be achieved for correcting the patient’s cosmetic problems dawns upon both the surgeon and the patient. Therefore, the surgery and its final results become an exciting journey for both of them.

Continuing innovations are advancing our knowledge and performance of plastic surgeries. Regenerative surgery procedures are poised to make a huge impact in the future.

While independent research is useful for patient education, it can never completely make a patient understand the full reality of the procedure. During a consultation with any good plastic surgeon, an excellent review and education of breast reconstruction and revision surgery is obtained. It goes way beyond any type of general information and becomes a completely personalized experience.

With their exceptional aesthetic sense, any good plastic surgeon who is known for his uncompromising assessment would offer the best treatment options and surgical plan for a patient of breast reconstruction, revision, and reduction.


This article and the information contained within it are for educational purposes only. It is not be construed or used as a medical opinion or a medical advice. This article is not intended to replace the advice of a trained, licensed medical professional in your area. Please schedule an appointment with one of India's leading cosmetic plastic surgeon if you want more information at one our plastic surgery clinics in Kolkata, India.


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