India's leading plastic surgeon performs stellar innovation to save lives and regrow tissues.

Following a scary car crash that claimed the life of a teenager, one of India’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Srinjoy Saha, performed a stellar procedure that helped save the mother’s life.
Dr. Saha combined the woman’s own cells, 3D biopolymer, and plasma-derived growth factors to regenerate new human tissues.

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A recent breakthrough in plastic surgery from India is certain to save more lives and improve patients’ health and recovery.

The survivors of a deadly car crash injury was admitted to the ICU of a private hospital in Kolkata with life-threatening injuries. Doctors removed the gangrenous tissues on her forehead during her recovery, exposing wide areas of the skull.

The usual solution was plastic surgery with flaps, which covers the wound by cutting and stretching large portions of the scalp. But, the patient’s fragile condition made it impossible to perform a flap surgery safely.

Instead of performing an extensive surgery on a critical patient, Dr. Srinjoy Saha attempted a novel technique. His innovative tissue engineering approach covered the barren bones with newly regenerated tissues. While robust cell regeneration shortened the wound, a skin graft over the remaining areas produced stunning results.

"Minimalistic reconstruction achieved fascinating results as compared to usual plastic surgery. Its reliability and safety impressed us. It encourages us to do much more with fewer resources in future,” said Dr. Srinjoy Saha, the operating plastic surgeon.

The patient, grieved over the death of her child, made swift recovery despite her vulnerable condition. Key to this rapid recovery was modern minimalistic surgery. The affected area, once covered with black gangrenous tissues, returned to an almost normal look.

The woman attributes her good health and successful recovery to the simplified plastic surgery that gave her back a natural-looking face.

Plastic surgeons have historically struggled to provide proper alternatives for patients with extraordinary wounds and needs. This unique procedure is a big step in the right direction, as it achieves more by doing less. 

Dr. Srinjoy Saha has published his surgical innovation and its subsequent success in a top surgery journal, hoping others will adopt it too. A wider application of this novel procedure will ensure better healing for more patients with minimal surgery, fewer complications, and lesser costs.

"Every patient requesting plastic surgery is different, with their special needs and desires. I listen, understand, and educate them about their choices. Together, we arrive at the most acceptable solution and a tailor-made treatment plan. I aim to guide each patient towards their best results," said Dr. Saha.

A brief about Dr. Srinjoy Saha, amongst India's leading plastic surgeons.

Dr. Srinjoy Saha is a board-certified plastic surgeon, a Harvard-educated scientist, and a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He had also specialized in medical device innovations at Harvard and Boston, USA. 

A highly-acclaimed plastic surgeon, he has received several international awards from prestigious organizations in the USA, Europe, and India. He has exhibited a rich history of excellence while serving patients in the healthcare industry over the last two decades. 


He is dedicated to making our present-day treatment strategies simpler, cheaper, and more effective. Minimalistic reconstruction is one of the many innovations that he is now performing to make plastic surgeries better and safer.


Published in The Daily Herald, Chicago, and distributed by the EIN News, USA, on June 10, 2021. The original article can be found here:


Credits: Plastangel Foundation.